Some of my favourite moments:

  • Summer BBQs on the roof, swathed in sarongs and cushions, fairy lights and candles ebbing as the night stretched on, the table heaving under the weight of plates piled with stuffed mushrooms, smoked chicken and corn so that the feast spills onto the floor.
  • Morning yoga and ice coffee in the park, espresso only, tucking in loose shirts into shorts, attempting headstands in the grass.
  • Spontaneous camping trips, following the yellow brick road, sand between our toes, stargazing, packing up in the rain and running after missed buses.
  • The deck at the foot of the lakehouse, cold beers and avocado sandwiches at our fingertips, taking routine dips, reading good books that feed the soul, and playing cards.
  • Big family dinners: pasta al dente smothered with garlic and chilli, Brazilian feijoada soaked in pork fat, a mussel cook-off with french fries, silky ginger salmon, slow-cooked meat melting off the bone, and midnight Vietnamese rolls.
  • Big family breakfasts: croissants from Kouign Amann, french toast and pancakes, an assortment of colourful fresh fruit, homemade jams, and always cheese.
  • Getting double-biked to Moksha, live music hot yoga Saturdays, drinking sweet tea before gorging on late-night ramen or arepas or Indian afterwards, followed by a boogie when ambitious.
  • Jam sessions– on the roof in summer, inside in winter, snuggled up and warm, people slipping in and out, singing off-key and content.
  • Raging house parties, hundreds of stamping feet, bottles of wine, angry neighbours, and squeezing into Leah’s bed at the end of the night.
  • Halloween crawls, four on Friday, two on Saturday, houses decked out with cobwebs and glowing pumpkins, the streets crammed with creepy-crawlies and riff-raff.
  • Walks with Dash, in the snow to school, late at night around the neighbourhood, up the mountain in fall, dancing in turning leaves.
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas, full of big toasty jumpers, cinnamon and pine smells. Tables crammed with roast chickens and marshmallow yams, Brazilian cod and Danish sweet coleslaw, cranberries and beans, molten lava cake, reindeer cupcakes, pumpkin pie. Evenings of colouring competitions and Secret Santas; dancing around the tree and in every room in the house; stealing presents. Squishing onto small sofas for Christmas movie marathons, attempting an 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, late nights playing Catan.
  • Last weeks, sunsets, songs, dinners, drinks, one by one, full stomachs and hearts, tears, laughter and joy.

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